We are starting a new feature at The Creative Orange called Model of the Week

I will be shooting a different model every week to keep myself on point and also to help teach how to light.

McKayla is fairly new to the biz, but absolutely stunning.

Here is my lighting set up.

I used my Bowens fresnel as my main light.

In this image you can see that it is quite nice as is, but I always try to improve my shots and not settle for good enough.

I like to build once I get my base lighting set up. In this next shot I added a kicker light to her left side of her face and her body.

Then when I started shooting the full lengths, I needed a light to add just a little bit of interest in the background.

Like I said, I work a shot after I get things set up. You need to push yourself to improve all the time, and for photographic growth.

The next series of photos were taken first with all available light. I always do this with new models as the natural light makes them feel more comfortable.

The last shot we did was a beauty shot. These are the hardest to do, because it is all in the eyes and how they project feeling with them. Probably best to do this last.

Same lighting set up, but I used an umbrella instead of the fresnel for the main.

In the end, this was a lovely shoot for a first time model and I look forward to seeing her grow as a person and a model.