K Block Video Pack


All five of our K Block Videos in one pack! Get great easy to following information with these videos. Everything from the business side to using fill flash.

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What’s Included:

K Block One – Business of Photography


This is our first video in the series and it’s all about business.

The majority of photographers have no idea what to do
when it comes to marketing, pricing, packaging, and selling.

I know because I was there at one point in my career!

In this hour long video we go through the whole business side of running
your own studio.

Let me walk you through the steps it takes to run a very successful photography business!

-Pricing according to your cost of goods

-How to package your products to make sure they sell

-Sales techniques

-Marketing and Branding

-An outline write up of the video to follow along

K Block Two – Flash Made Easy


The second installment of our K Block educational videos.

In this Flash Made Easy video you will learn how to create beautiful and easy images just using your speedlight. Kevin will start off with one speedlight, showing you how to spotlight, use a beauty dish and more. He will then go to using two speedlights. Showing you all of this in a quick, easy and inexpensive way.

-Create spotlight effect

-Fill flash

-Using a softbox and beauty dish

-Multiple flash techniques

-An outline write up of the video to follow along

K Block Three – Seniors Made Simple


Learn all about how to shoot and market to high school seniors.

Kevin will go over how to shoot inside and outside, including using studio strobes and your off camera speedlights.

The hour long video will also cover marketing, selling and post production all geared towards high school seniors!

Learn how to get high school seniors in your door!

-Marketing and Selling to seniors

-Post production work

-An outline write up of the video to follow along

K Block Four – Kids 1-2-3


Learn all you need to know and the basics about shooting kids!

Kevin will go over shooting kinds 1- inside 2- outside and 3- with fill flash! He will also show you basic poses for kids and the tricks to get them to smile and sit still.

-Shooting kids inside and out

-Shooting kids with fill flash

-Posing kids

-An outline write up of the video to follow along

K Block Five – Post Processing and Retouching


Have you ever wondered how to take your images to the next level? Well this video will do that.

Kevin will take you through the steps that he uses in his wedding, portrait, and fashion work to create his “look’

Kevin will walk you through step by step on a wedding, a family portrait, a senior portrait, a beauty shoot, and a fashion shoot.

Included with the video are the actual images that Kevin is working on, so you can stop the video and do exactly what he has done!

-How to cull through your images

-How to edit your images to sell

-How to process your images in Lightroom

-How to retouch your images for final art