Famous Photographers Pose with Their Most Iconic Images

I love Twitter. One of the peeps I follow posted this link to Chase Jarvis blog and I thought it was awesome. Therefore sharing it with all of you!

All images below are from Chase Jarvis’ blog. See all these images and more HERE!


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  1. Love these! Might want to be sure to credit that you found the images at Chase’s site, but that they are by Tim Mantoani! His site is at http://www.mantoani.com/ — when I read this post, I thought Chase had taken them!

    Link with Love! Give credit where credit is due! :D

    (I don’t know where to go to email someone – hope you don’t mind me posting here!)

    • Hi Christine. Glad you liked the post. If you read the post, I did credit Chase. I always credit every image that isn’t ours.

  2. This was awesome. Love.


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