Sometimes we get so busy trying to shoot amazing imagery at a wedding that we forget that simple is better.

Take the simple silhouette.

We spend so much time trying to use fill flash and such to get the proper background to foreground balance, when in reality we can just meter off the bright background and let the subject become a shape.

The key to creating beautiful silhouettes, is to make sure that the shapes of the people involved don’t merge in a strange way.

You also want to make sure that if you have the sun in the background, that it doesn’t overwhelm the shot and blow out one of the peoples shapes. This is all about how you position the sun and the subjects. Be careful with kisses too. You don’t want the shape to look like one big blob. You need to have some space between them.

You can also adjust your exposure slightly to bring in some detail. In the shot above, I wanted to have detail in the flowers. I was able to use the candlelight to illuminate the flowers and still get a fairly good silhouette of the couple. This just adds to the story telling effect.