Why do photographers fail?


Why do most businesses fail in the first 3 years nationally?

Photographers fail at an even faster rate, averaging a little over 2 years, why is this?

It’s called not having a solid business plan!

How many photographers do you know that charge a small fee for digital files on a disk? Is this you?

My studio is located in an industrial area, where there are 2 studios within a few blocks that are shares. They each have over 10 photographers sharing a small studio space. Do you think any of them have made a business plan? How about cost of goods? Do they even know what that is?

I have found through my mentoring and speaking, that the majority of photographers have no idea how to price themselves according to actual business practices. They just pull a number out a hat and that is their pricing, not taking into account their costs or even worse their time.

You need to ask yourself a few simple questions.

1. Are you in this for the long haul, or just to make a few extra bucks for a year and then fold up shop?

2. How much do you want to make in a year? Be honest and realistic in your goals. There aren’t many photographers that are gonna make over 100k their first year out.

3. How much passion do you actually have for photography? I see too many photographers mistaking wanting to make some money with passion for the art of photography.

4. How much time do you have to put into your business? Running a studio takes way more than 40 hours a week when you are starting out. Are you willing to give up family time to do this?

5. Where do you want to be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

6. Do you like hard work? That’s what it’s gonna take to make it.

In the end most photographers fail because they are undercharging for their products and services, and don’t even know it.

Don’t be one of them! Get started on your plan now!


Here is a great article that has lots of stats and information on business success and failure rates CLICK HERE

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Using fashion as inspiration for your senior shoots

Shooting fashion has really helped me with my senior shoots. I have been producing fashion and beauty photography commercially for over 25 years. I have found that if you use the same lighting and style with seniors, you can really create something special that you clients will love.


This shot was done years ago for a bridal editorial for Brides UK out of London. My style at the time was using 40′s glamour lighting and they ate it up. When I started shooting seniors, I  noticed that no one was shooting anything really glamorous of seniors. So using this same style of lighting as inspiration, I started shooting seniors like this.



As you can see, it has the same feel as the fashion shot, but it still works with this senior. What I love is that it makes the client look really glam, and even if they aren’t used to looking like this, it normally ends up in being the image that they order a large wall portrait of.



Here is another example of the same style. As you can see it works really well. Simple and elegant and gives me the chance to do something different for my client.


The lighting set up is pretty easy as you can see from the diagram. You can add accent lights if you wish, or a hair light. I use a fresnel hot light for my lighting, but I also have a fresnel head for my flash too. You can use a snoot, or even your speedlight to get this effect.


Try looking at a fashion magazine and get some inspiration for your senior shooting!


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Big WPPI news


My buddy Jason Groupp has now taken over as the Director of WPPI!!!

I’m so excited for Jason, as he is one of the good guys in the industry and a very talented photographer.

Congrats Jason!!

Read the press release here

And this is what is wrong with photography!

Not sure you have all seen this yet, but this is what the US Olympic Committee thinks should represent our athletes photographically.

Unreal that photography ( and I am using that in the loosest of terms) like this is the best that they could find. I have seen shots taken by my 8 year old daughter that are better. In fact, I would venture to say that she has a better understanding of lighting and composition than this person does.

Learn your craft people, before you become the joke of the century.

Here is the whole article with all the images.

Then and Now

Are photographers their own worst enemy? Digital allows you to shoot, shoot, shoot. But is this actually an advantage? Providing far too much for the client and making more work for yourself when you are not getting paid for it? Check out this article HERE that explains it a little more.

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