I’m going to start doing a breakdown of some of my shots. I thought it might be of some use to see just how I do things. Most of the time, I keep it really simple, and you will be amazed at what you can do with just one light.

In this first shot, you can see from the image that it was window light coming from camera right. Easy enough…right?

Well, if you wanted a blown out shot of her, yes. The problem was, that if I just used the window light the way it was, she would have been blown out. That, or the background would have been too dark. I added a 1 stop scrim to the left of the model, to knock down the exposure on her by one stop. That brought the background up and lightened up the shot, it also softened the light on the model nicely.

By subtracting light from her, I was able to make it look like i created a spot light in the background. It also lightened up the chandelier, so that I didn’t have so much warmth from the tungsten light source.

I have added a diagram below.

Take care and have a great weekend everyone!