After Dark Dallas is done and we are home. Boy are we tired. It feels like we have been gone a month! Between WPPI and After Dark we are drained. None the less, we had an awesome time!

Day three of After Dark went really well! Kevin taught a on location shoot with Kevin Hudson (2 Kevins) all about shooting seniors outside. It was really cool, they showed everyone 2 different ways. Kevin Hudson uses scrims and reflectors and Kevin doesn’t, just shooting in open shade.



After the 2 Kevin shoot, Kevin and I headed over to Terri Trawick’s bay to see her teach about shooting boudoir. She is an amazing boudoir shooting and if you haven’t checked her out yet do it now! Also her husband Robert is a hoot!


Kevin’s final bay was beauty lighting. He got some AMAZING images! Not only with his camera but also with his iPhone! I posted some of the images from his iPhone so you could see. They are so amazing, he still shocks me with the things he can create.


I hope you all enjoyed the coverage from After Dark Dallas. If you havn’t checked out After Dark you really should. It is an amazing learning experience and even if you don’t feel you need to learn anything it is a great way to feel more creative.

We are excited to get back to normal on Monday. Look for some more images and videos to come!