Your Name? Kaui Nichols
What brand camera do you use? canon
Your age? 29
What lighting brand do you use? photogenic
Your favorite lens? 50 1.2
Mac of PC? both
Your favorite lab? whcc but millers is my second lab
Who was/is your biggest inspiration and why? my grandma. i look back on all the things she has done in her life. where she started and what she had built for herself, her daughters, and us as a family. she works hard and knows how to do things you wouldn’t expect her to be able to do. she constantly will tell me that i can do anything and i will be someone.
How long have you been shooting ? 5 years
Your favorite color? blue – that teal aqua blue on a crystal clear day
What piece of gear would they have to pry from your cold dead hands? i don’t love anything but my surfboard that much lol maybe my cell phone lol.
If you could do anything else what would it be? i’d be a preschool teacher!
How would you explain your style? carefree, funloving,
What advice would you give someone starting out today? it’s a wonderful business to be in, however it takes constant work, constant growth, and a lot of faith in yourself. it’s not about a pretty photo, it’s about a savvy business plan, a tight run studio, and overall a wonderful inviting friendly attitude … the pretty photos come later. it’s hard work, but well worth it.
What do you mainly shoot? children
What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t shooting? surf and yoga … i’m assuming you mean when i’m not shooting, selling, editing, retouching, delivering, or cleaning lol!
What did you have for breakfast? water
Favorite drink or cocktail? mango smoothies
Most inspiring image you have ever seen? i had to go into a few art galleries in college. we were walking around and happened into a black and white photo gallery on the wall was a nude photo of this woman and it looked like she was floating on air. i was hooked
Coolest place you have ever traveled to for work? costa rica cause i got to spend a month surfing too